Before you purchase any of our products we hope that you’ve made sure that your dog is comfortable wearing clothes and if this is your first time using something like a pajama, that you take the time and care needed to have them grow used to wearing one.

These pieces of clothing are very useful and can help with healing wounds by stopping excessive scratching and/or licking, to avoid shedding all over the place and to help them keep warm all while looking their cutest. But some dogs might feel insecure at first since they are wearing a piece of clothing that covers most of their body and sometimes they will run all over the place trying to “take it off “. If this is the case with yours please be patient with them and remove the item if this continues for more than ten minutes. Give them time to relax and then try again.

As dog lovers, we at Cozy N’ Cute think that all dogs should be treated with love and respect and their well being should come before anything else so please be careful and always supervise your dogs when wearing any type of clothing. Cozy N’ Cute shall not be held responsible for any harm or injury which might result from using any of our products.